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I am offering a $100,000 bounty to the person who sets me up with my life partner.


Recently, Mati Roy wrote a Facebook post, as well as a detailed dating profile with a very unique idea - offering a $2,000 bounty to the person who finds someone he ends up having a child with.

Mati and I are both part of rationalist communities, and are quite aligned on our approaches towards life, growth, partnerships and relationships.

So I decided to fork his document and create my own.

There has been an instant overwhelming response to this project, hours after Mati and I published our documents, including:

Of course, not all feedback was positive. The main concern that many people had, were that Mati and I were attempting to transactionalize a personal relationship. Of course, this was very far from our intension. Both Mati and I are loving and empathetic people, who highly value open communication, generosity, and sharing.

Our project’s goal is simply to create an incentive structure to help our friends (and their friends) link together 2 intelligent, empathetic, driven, and adventurous humans.

Our hope is that our “matchmakers” don’t treat this project as a financial transaction to immediately extract the most financial value possible, but rather treat this as an investment, with multiple long term returns. Those returns, while having a direct and attractive financial component ($100k+ cash), mainly give our friends an opportunity to be more involved in our lives, and grow towards our goals together.

We would like for our friends to invest their time and energy into really helping us grow, in all sorts of ways. Of course, this relationship is a two way street. Besides the relatively nominal financial component to this relationship, the real benefit will be our investment into your life, goals, network, and fulfillment.

I hope this explains our intentions. But of course, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please message us directly. We will eagerly accept your feedback.

Video Intro

I will create a short video explaining the purpose of this project, and what I’m personally looking for in a life partner, amongst many other things.


I am offering a $100,000 bounty to the person who sets me up with my life partner. Your bounty will be paid in the following installments, via check, wire, and/or crypto, based on a typical VC vesting schedule.

Upon introducing me to a prospective “life partner”, we may start dating, and “officially” start our relationship.

1 Year Cliff

If the romantic, sexual, and/or “life partnership” relationship between myself and the candidate you referred is terminated before 1 year, a bounty shall not be issued.

Upon hitting our “1 year anniversary”, you will be issued a lump sum of $25,000.

4 Year Vesting Schedule

As our relationship continues, you will be issued monthly payments for the first 4 years of the ongoing relationship.


Profit Sharing - Bet On Us Succeeding

This is very much a work in progress, but as an alternative to a bounty, you may instead opt to invest in a “profit sharing” model of our total net income.

It will follow the same vesting schedule as the regular bounty, but be based off our income at that time.

Happy Path Example

Let’s assume the bounty is set at 10% of our net income.

Pessimistic Path Example

Here we assume our net income falls over time

Optimistic Path Example

Here we assume our net income grows over time

Toli’s Dating Profile

Purpose of This Profile



Physical Description


Describe my personality

How I Date

What I’m Looking For In a Relationship





Relationship Structure





Genetic Code

Talk about my bipolar and other illnesses


Communal Upbringing

Parenting Style

My Work

Work History

Novel (Current)

Work Goals


My Finances

Talk about my manic episodes and spending Talk about contracting Talk about Novel startup Talk about my equity in startups Talk about my investments

What I’m Interested In






Sex Life/Romantic Life

More Info on Me